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Diescraper Redux 2
Diescraper Redux 2
Diescraper Redux 2
Diescraper Redux 2
Diescraper Redux 2
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Name: Diescraper Redux 2
Rating: Rating: 3
Author: Rectus
Date Added: Nov 07, 2010
Download: Download
Size: Not Available
Description: Sky scraper urban theme
Review: ** Update 06/24/2011**

Directors Cut cut with additional content
Version 3.2
Four map urban campaign
coop, versus, scavenge, survival
54.3 MB rar format

Changelog from 3.1
-More improvements for versus.
-The helicopter now has a pilot and more speech.
-Changed the skymall event to use onslaught scripts instead of a minifinale.
-Added an incentive to use the howitzer in versus.
-Improved infected spawning on the catwalks in the finale.
-Changed the way the elevator in the first level works.
-Made the wind effect on the helipad more noticeable.
-Removed medkits from the breakroom in versus.
-Misc. detailing and improvements.
-Added artwork by Herr FLSH

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