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SunLit Games DOD:Source League

SunLit Day of Defeat League Retired
I am unfortunately unable to sustain the admin responsibilities for this upcoming SLDL Season. My apologies to the teams who have registered and have been patiently waiting the SLDL 21 start date.

The calibre of players and the competitive nature of the league has increased over the past five seasons. The end result is that dealing with complaints and disputes requires more time and energy than I have to fairly assess each case. Without a well defined structure a league just collapses to a free for all and the SLDL was not set up for this kind of venue.

The SLDL was originally an introduction to league play for novice teams and an opportunity to enjoy custom maps in a competitive format. SunLit Games and the SLDL have always promoted clean fun and friendly, respectful competition and rivalry.

The SLDL has had a great run and I'd like to thank all of the Admin who have helped over the years: Cshorey, Bob Loblaw, JonnyLaw, Pvt. John, Steamer, Kroll , Dark Noble, Disturbed, Maynard, Rummey, and Just Mike.

I would also like to thank the team leaders and players who supported the SLDL through their good sportsmanship and constructive comments.

Lastly I want to thank the Iron and Steel [I&S] team who always have my back in game and out. That camaraderie fueled the SLDL and SunLit Games.

Rosie the Riveter
SLDL Admin

SLDL Season 20
Rules and Format
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Previous Seasons
03/28 Preseason1 avanti_v2
04/04 Happy Easter  
04/11 Preseason2 anzio_b6
04/18 Week 1 aleutian
04/25 Week 2 vallente
05/02 Week 3 catania
05/09 Happy Mothers Day  
05/16 Week 4 santos
05/23 Week 5 coire
05/30 Happy Memorial Day  
06/06 Week 6 thunder
06/13 Week 7 harrington
06/20 Week 8 salerno
06/27 QF solitude_match
07/04 Happy Independence Day  
07/11 SF strasbourg
07/25 Final lennon
SLDL Admin:
Rosie the Riveter

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