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SunLit Games DOD:Source League

SLDL Introduction
Welcome to the seventeenth season of the SLDL, the SunLit Games Day of Defeat League.
The SLDL is sponsored by SunLit Games. It showcases quality custom Source maps suitable for competition. The SLDL was formed as a place for newly formed teams and teams new to formal matches to get a taste of league play. There will be an upper and lower conference based on skill level.

The matches are scheduled on Sundays 9pm est. The SLDL 17 Preseason One match is scheduled for a February 22 2009 start or when there are a minimum of eight teams in a conference.
A detailed overview of the SLDL and its Rules can be found here.

You may register for season seventeen by posting your team's contact information and roster.
Cheers !

SLDL Season 17
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Rules and Format
Report Scores
Suspensions and Bans
Rosters Upper Conference
Rosters Intermediate Conference
Rosters Lower Conference
Previous Seasons
02/22 Preseason1 fireshorts
03/01 Preseason2 rive
03/08 Preseason 3 ingot
03/15 Week 1 salerno
03/22 Week 2 anzio
03/29 Week 3 stug
04/05 Week 4 harrington
04/12 Happy Passover and Easter  
04/19 Week 5 strasbourg
04/26 Week 6 catania
05/03 Week 7 santos
05/10 Happy Mother's Day  
05/17 Week 8 lennon
05/24 Happy Memorial Day  
05/31 QF rails
06/07 SF solitude
06/14 Final coire
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Rosie the Riveter

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