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  • The download section will be back online sometime in the next few days. Hurricane made us an updated version of his excellent ExDownload plugin for Zikula. I just installed it and it upgraded perfectly without error on the first try. After two weeks of aggravation getting two different sites working decently, you have no idea how pleasant an experience that was.

    Anyway, all that's left now is for me to upload all the content and images, which is about 33GB. It may take a few days to get it all up. When it's done, I'll make an announcement on the home page.

  • Good job Hurricane and Pvt. John!
    The Download section would have been a monster to recreate from scratch.

  • I have noticed that you can't move forward between pages, just jump to the first and last page, and search for a paticular map.

    aka [A5th]Krust
  • Hmmm. It seems to be working for me.

    Do you not see the navigation bar at the bottom of this page?

  • No I was just an idiot....the little symbols were not 2 year old intuitive for me!!

    aka [A5th]Krust
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