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Death Aboard2 L4D2
Death Aboard2 L4D2
Death Aboard2 L4D2
Death Aboard2 L4D2
Death Aboard2 L4D2
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Name: Death Aboard2 L4D2
Rating: Rating: 4
Author: Diputs
Date Added: Apr 18, 2010
Download: Download
Size: Not Available
Description: Port of Death Aboard for L4D2
Review: ** updated version 08/21/2011 **

Stages: 5 / 5
Prison, Prison Yard, Docks, Ship and Lighthouse
coop, realism, versus, survival and scavenge
Day time update

Death Aboard 2 is the conversion to L4D2 of the popular Death Aboard campaign for L4D. It is now set during daytime and have all of the new items in L4D2 as well as scavenge mode on the ship and lighthouse maps
CREATED BY: Petter Hesse "Diputs"
CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK BY: Mark Hünermund Jensen

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