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Name: dod_ludendorff_rc2
Rating: Rating: 4
Author: Hintzmann
Date Added: Sep 18, 2006
Download: Download
Size: Not Available
Description: It's one big bridge
Review: Dod_ludendorff_rc2 is a well-done and unique map.
There are five flags, with a two-man cap at the center, and the second flags for each team requiring only one enemy to capture, but two people on that team to recapture. There are two towers at the ends of the bridge, on each side.
Towers, Pier, Center, Pier and Towers.
To capture the bridge, you will need to secure all 5 objective.
You MUST capture the objectives sequentially

With the ability to cross the bridge on the surface, in the lower-level passageway, in the water, or over the girders, the map has quite a bit more depth and complexity than it first appears to have. The author has made excellent use of vertical space.

Changelog from rc1 to rc2:
* Advanced Spawn System is fixed. You no longer spawn behind enemy lines.
* New access to Piers by a blown up sidewalk.
* Ladders from under bridge to towers.
* New icons easier to see for colorblind persons. Allies is Green and White. Axis is Red and Black.
* Light in open train cars, light from trucks and light around center hole. Redone mountain by Axis tunnel. More debris on bridge. Foam around the piers (thanks Hessi). New light and fog settings and a sun.
* New overview map.

Fps good
Minimap included
22 MB bzip

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