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Posted by Pvt_John on Feb 10, 2012 - 08:04 AM

This is the new SunLit website. The old site was on a system (PostNuke) that was no longer supported, and therefore no longer secure. This new one has been moved to a new system called Zikula.

Your username and password has been preserved from the old site. The new site also allows new user registration.

The primary aim of the new site is to provide a place for all the friends that were made during our heyday to be able to keep in touch with each other. So, we've got forums, and we hope to get the chat box back up again if we can.

Our secondary goal is to preserve our rather extensive download library of custom maps and other items for the benefit of the greater gaming community that still plays games like HL1, HL2DM, DOD, DODS, etc. Restoring the download section will come later. With the help of the author of the download plugin, Hurricane, it should be possible.

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Author: Pvt_John [2]
Feb 10, 2012
I told you so.

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