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Posted by RosietheRiveter on Feb 02, 2012 - 11:42 AM

It is with some sadness that we have to announce that our game servers will be terminated sometime before March 9.  Our website will also be down-sized considerably.  It is the end of an era [2] here at SunLit Games, as we have had an active website and game servers running since our beginnings as a Half-Life community over twelve years ago.

Our community is just not very active anymore, and it makes no sense to continue paying for a dedicated server that runs game server instances that are empty of players most of the time and for a dedicated web server that we don't need. So, it is time for us to re-configure our resources to match our current level of activity.  Our focus from this point forward will be providing a basic website with some forums so that all the people that have made great friendships through this community over the years will have an easy way to stay in touch with each other.

We would like to say that it has been an honor and a privilege to be able to run this place for these many years. We have met some great people and had a lot of fun playing with all of you. And we'd both like to say a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped us over the years -- all the people who donated their hard-earned cash, the people who helped us with the website, who helped run the SLDL, and of course the tireless efforts of our Enforcers back in our heyday.

Finally, if there are any of you out there who would like to take over running the SunLit site or game servers, please contact us or post in the forums. [3]

Rosie and Pvt. John


Author: redo [4]
Feb 03, 2012
Re: SunLit Games - It's Been Fun
Sad day but inevitable given the lack of a great game to keep us playing together. If H&J ever comes out I'd do what I can to get a server going.

Author: Cutting_Edge [5]
Aug 28, 2012
Aw, bummer. :( My computer was getting long in the tooth for years, so I didn't play much at all. I just ordered a new PC and thought I'd check in to see if the servers were still up, but they weren't. :(

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