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SunLit's Half-Life Of Horrors Mod
SunLit's Half-Life Of Horrors Mod
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Name: SunLit's Half-Life Of Horrors Mod
Rating: Rating: 5
Author: Lazarus_Long
Date Added: Oct 20, 2006
Download: Download
Size: Not Available
Description: Half-Life of Horrors Death Match Mod
Review: SunLit's Half-Life Of Horrors Mod
Server side files ONLY
This section is by courtesy of Lazarus_Long , evil code monger and the man who started it all at SunLit.

"Greetings fellow fraggers, this is the spot for everything that has to do with the server side HLDM mod that we run on our servers here at SunLit's Games.
As you have probably noticed, we tend to mix things up a bit on the server. We have made many options configurable through the server config file, and that means we can make changes on the fly to keep things lively for all of you players out there. - Lazarus_Long"

Mod Specifications
You can see the mod's specs in table form, by clicking on the second picture link on the left. The table gives a breakdown of some of the features that are included in the mod, and which servers run them standard. Some things may be left out either by faulty memory, or to keep some amount of surprise in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.Where do I put the files?
A.The file hl.dll replaces the existing hl.dll. This is usually in the valve\dlls directory. If you are running the dedicated server from the Half-Life Single Player cd it is most likely in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\YOUREMAIL\half-life\valve\dlls ... however, if you downloaded the dedicated server only package, it is probably in C:\HLServer\valve\dlls.
The audio files included in the zip file [v0.3 only] go into \valve\sound\weapons.

Q. What OS is the current mod for?
A.The version of the mod that we currently have available for download is only for Window$ versions of Half-Life.

Credits and Kudos
Thanks to the folks at Lambda, home of the Bubblemod for the great flying crowbar code. Check 'em out at

Thanks to Ketwyld for helping me get ahold of the 2.2 SDK!!!

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